We Buy Gold & Silver Bullion

The word “bullion” is defined as “gold or silver in bulk before coining, or valued by weight,” which basically means gold bullion is gold valued by its purity and weight. This contrasts with other forms of gold, such as jewelry or currency, whose value comes from other factors, including aesthetics.

Selling gold bullion — in the form of small bars or government-issued, non-circulating coins — is fairly straightforward because they come in standard weights and purities; therefore the current prices should be easy to find.

A bar will be stamped with a number that indicates its purity (usually either .999 or .995). You may even have a certificate of authenticity from when you bought it. You may want to include that certificate when selling bullion.

If you are selling gold or silver, you can count on our experience in the field of precious metals for a safe transaction at honest and upfront pricing.

Do not, no matter how tempting, use a “mail it in” service that offers you cash for your gold if you ship it to the company in one of their envelopes.

You don’t have to mail your valuable gold or silver to a P.O. Box, or someone you don’t know or trust. Instead, enjoy a pleasant selling experience where you control the entire transaction from beginning to end. Everything is done in person, face to face, and you will receive the best and fairest price possible!

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