We Buy Scrap Gold!

Over the years it is quite possible you have accumulated some unwanted jewelry. Fashion fads come and go, and along with them so does jewelry. If you have unwanted jewelry the chance to turn it into cash or create a new piece is now! Any form of broken, scratched, unused, out dated, unwanted jewelry is perfect to sell and make easy money! As said before, some jewelry has more value as a piece of jewelry than just the melt value. If you are patient, we offer consignment services in Aitkin. Allow us to try and sell your jewelry for you.

Minnesota Gold Buyer Pays Cash For:

  • Gold & Silver Necklaces
  • Gold & Silver Bracelets
  • Gold & Silver Rings
  • Gold & Silver Earrings
  • Broken Gold & Silver Jewelry Parts
  • Gold & Silver Charms
  • Gold & Silver Watches
  • Gold & Silver Awards
  • Gold & Silver Chains
  • Gold & Silver Candle Holders
  • School Rings
  • Dental Gold
  • And More…